HostGator Coupon Codes 80% OFF Discount, April 2020

If you're going to buy web hosting and looking for a hostgator coupon code provider and have stumbled upon this page, then congratulations, you've come on to the right page. Today, we're going to talk about Hostgator, which is one of the oldest and surprisingly cheapest (yes, no kidding!) hosting provider which you can use to power up your websites. 

If you know, Hostgator has been in the hosting business for more than a decade, and this is where they have gained customers and build their trust over time.

"In today's world, everyone wants to start a website."

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This is a good trend to observe as starting a website is easy and anyone can create their own website by buying a domain name from domain name providers like GoDaddy, BigRock, and hosting from some other site.

Buying a domain name isn't much of a hassle but choosing the right hosting provider?

This is probably where most website/business owners make mistakes.

They choose the cheapest hosting provider by comprising on the quality of hosting.

This, in turn, results in their website going down, thus losing business and trust among their customers.

Why is Hostgator good, when compared to other hosting providers?

This is where Hostgator differs from the crowd. While the rest of some hosting providers focus on making their plans cheaper by compromising on the uptime and quality of their hosting, Hostgator provides both quality and uptime as compared to others. 

If you're someone who doesn't make websites, chances are that you may encounter some small hiccups while making your site.

However small or large the problem is, a quality web hosting provider must have a support system to assist you with your queries.

This is again where Hostgator has an edge compared to others. Hostgator hosting boasts of 24/7 support system, where you can call and resolve your issues any time of the day. Their professionals are online round the clock to assist you, whether you're someone new or a professional web developer.

In case you want to solve the problem by yourself, they also have a dedicated forum which is filled with solutions to the most common problems you may encounter. You can also raise support tickets to get your queries addressed.

Other hosting providers may have limited plans but Hostgator has many different plans that cater everyone.

You have shared hosting, VPS hosting, Windows hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting and so on.

Depending on your need, Hostgator has a plethora of plans to support you and your brand.

Wondering whether your payment method is supported or not?

Well, Another good thing about Hostgator hosting is that it supports many different kinds of local and international payment gateways.  

After all this, Hostgator is providing huge discounts in the form of coupons which you're going to see below. These discount coupons will provide you with the best price in the market.

Let's have a look.

HostGator Coupons (April 2020)

Coupon OfferValid OnCoupon Code
Up To 80% OFF + Domain Charges.Shared HostingCRAZYDISCOUNT2018
60% OFF For 1+ Year Plans.Shared HostingHG60OFFDEAL
Up To 45% OFF all cloud plans.Cloud HostingActivate Coupon
Up To 57% OFF.WordPress HostingActivate Coupon
Up To 50% OFF.DomainsActivate Coupon
Up To 77% OFF All Shared Hosting plansBasic HostingCRAZYDEAL2018
Up To 70% OFF all reseller plans.Reseller HostingActivate Coupon
Up To 75% OFF all VPS plans.VPS HostingActivate Coupon
Up To 50% OFF all dedicated plans.Dedicated HostingActivate Coupon
Up To 62% OFF all shared plans.Shared Hostingrsosaveas2new

Which Hostgator Coupon You Should Use?

If you cannot decide which coupon code to choose, We also have a bonus coupon code specially for our readers:

Use code: 60OFFDEALHG

This coupon code will ensure that you're getting the best discount on whichever the hosting plan you choose to opt.

hostgator coupon codes

When you go browse through the market and look at many different hosting providers, you'll observe that their plans usually revolve around $30+ and taking a dedicated server will easily cost you $100 plus.

But here, at this page, we're providing you with special discount codes that you can apply before hitting the checkout button. (You may want to bookmark this!)

Psst. You're going to save a lot!

We have included coupons for all the plans provided by Hostgator. This means whether you opt for Cloud hosting or windows hosting or even VPS and reseller hosting, you're going to save a lot as these are coupons that serve every need.

HostGator Coupon For Shared Hosting

hostgator shared hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For Shared Hosting

The truth is that people consider shared hosting bad. 

But that's not at all the case with Hostgator. Hostgator's Linux shared hosting is feature packed. It comes with Cpanel, PHP, Apache and a whole lot more!

The control panel is so intuitive that within just the click of a button, you're going to install scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Woocommerce.etc

Don't believe us? Have a look at the demo


Follow these steps to activate Hostgator discount:

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator shared hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's Linux shared hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For Shared Hosting: 60OFFDEALHG"

HostGator Coupon For Cloud Hosting

hostgator cloud hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For Cloud Hosting

Don't you know, nowadays, everyone's moving their data to the cloud? This is why cloud hosting is considered 2X faster and 4X more stable.

Cloud hosting is considered better as compared to normal web hosting because:

  • It has got a Speed booster that increases your website speed by 2x due to the improved architecture.
  • High traffic lift feature that allocates 4X More Resources than normal hosting to serve more visitors.
  • The servers are usually powered by SSD’s to improve the overall performance.
  • check
    Easiness: It is already set up so that you don't have to go through the hassle of setting things up.

If you're a big business, then you should check out their business plan that offers to host unlimited domains and gives features like 6 core processor, 6gb ram, SSD storage.etc

Here's the coupon you can apply to get a discount on Hostgator's Cloud hosting plans.

Follow these steps to activate Hostgator discount for Cloud Hosting:

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator cloud hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's cloud hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For Cloud Hosting: CLOUD3645"

HostGator Coupon For Managed WordPress Hosting

hostgator wordpress hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For WordPress Hosting

If you're a blogger or a small business owner then you must be planning to make use of WordPress. 

WordPress is indeed the most popular content management system on the planet, so why not have a hosting service that is dedicated to managing WordPress?

This is where Hostgator comes up with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting comes with a ton of useful features focussing more on the optimization and the automation aspect of the website.

Features like:

  • Pre-installed Jetpack plugin.
  • Automatic updates (so you don't have to manually update it).
  • Specially optimized to enhance WordPress sites.

There are 4 different plans and we totally recommend the Professional plan which is as affordable as $7 per month.

Here's the coupon and steps you can follow to get a discount on Hostgator's Managed hosting plans.

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator managed WordPress hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's wordpress hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For Managed WordPress Hosting: SNAPPYW579"

HostGator Coupon For Reseller Hosting

hostgator reseller hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For Reseller Hosting

Things get really interesting with Hostgator's reseller plans. Whether you're an Internet Marketer or looking to make money by running a hosting business, Hostgator's reseller plans are flexible and can be expanded as your hosting business grows.

With Reseller hosting, you can create sub-packages within the disk space allotted to you.  Let's say you got the basic plan of 50gb disk space, so you can create sub-package of 5gb disk space for each medium sized website and sell it to make money.

"It is Similar to starting your own web hosting company"

Yes, It's because Hostgator's Reseller hosting plans give you complete control over every aspect of your hosting business, from payment methods to allocating resources, and serving your own clients by providing useful additional services such as business email, adding domains, SSL certificate.etc

You'll be provided with a Plesk panel, to make things easier.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at the demo:

You can make use of WHM to create custom packages for your clients.

Hostgator's reseller plans are in two categories:

  • Linux Reseller Hosting.
  • Windows Reseller Hosting.

Linux Reseller Hosting:

Linux Reseller hosting is based on Linux systems, similar to Linux shared hosting. In the basic plan of Linux Reseller hosting you get many features such as

  • 50 GB Disk Space.
  • 500 GB Bandwidth.
  • Free WHMCS Panel.
  • Unlimited Domains.
  • Private Name Servers, etc and a lot more.

Windows Reseller Hosting:

Windows Reseller hosting is based on windows systems, similar to Windows shared hosting. In the basic plan of Windows Reseller hosting you get many features such as

  • 20 GB Disk Space.
  • 100 GB Bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Domains, etc.

Here are the steps and coupon you can apply to get a discount on Hostgator's Reseller hosting plans.

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator reseller hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's reseller hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For Reseller Hosting: snappyr192424"

HostGator Coupon For VPS Hosting

hostgator vps hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server is best when you don't want to opt for shared hosting plans.

Linux VPS hosting is just like shared hosting. The point to remember is that, unlike shared hosting, VPS plans aren't shared with the other hosts on the physical server, thus making things reliable.

Linux VPS hosting is usually suitable for larger corporate websites or the apps/websites that drive more traffic.

The KVM Hypervisor implementation ensures better performance always and allows you to scale resources as the business expands.

It basically makes it more secure for your sites and prevents DDoS attacks which may bring your business down.

Hostgator's Linux VPS hosting provides full root access, and it comes with an integrated Cpanel to ease things up.

HostGator, unlike other different hosting providers, doesn't charge any extra setup fee for your VPS.

Want to get VPS hosting?

Here are the steps and coupon code you can apply to get a discount on Hostgator's VPS hosting plans.

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator VPS hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's VPS hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For VPS Hosting: snappyv2"

HostGator Coupon For Dedicated Hosting

hostgator dedicated hosting coupon code

HostGator Coupon For Dedicated Hosting

Having your own dedicated server is a notch above all kinds of hosting services you have here. A dedicated server is extremely secure and is certainly recommended for power users. 

A dedicated server is just like a remote server that is dedicated to you. In shared hosting, different people host different sites on one server, whereas here, you're getting the whole server and its resources only for your use!

Dedicated servers are for managing websites and corporations which have lakhs and crores of traffic. With Hostgator's dedicated server you get full root access that ensures admin level control of your own server.

Dedicated servers from HostGator are divided into 3 categories:

  • Linux Dedicated Server.
  • Windows Dedicated Server.
  • chevron-right
    Managed Dedicated Server.

Linux Dedicated Server:

In the Linux dedicated server, you get a dedicated server that is based on the Linux operating system. This dedicated server usually comes with CentOs operating system for efficient management.

Cpanel and WHM are included by default so that you can manage your server configuration with ease. It also includes a WHMCS billing and automation platform for your business purpose.

Windows Dedicated Server:

In the Windows dedicated server, you get a dedicated server that is based on the Windows operating system.

This ensures a complete control over your hosting environment. Hostgator's dedicated servers are located at multiple geographical locations to offer great performance and stability.

Managed Dedicated Server:

A managed dedicated server is the costliest among all the dedicated servers.

It's like your dedicated server being maintained by a team of experts who monitor a wide array of things.

Things such as

  • Security audits.
  • On-request anti-virus and malware scans.
  • Countering inbound spam and outbound spam.
  • Repair of all supported software.
  • Updates of supported software on request.
  • smile-o
    Uptime monitoring.
  • smile-o
    All  the services are monitored(Apache, Exim, MySQL, etc).
  • smile-o
    Full web server support including Apache, etc.

and a whole lot more. Keep in mind that this stuff is monitored and maintained by Hostgator themselves so that you don't go through the hassle of maintaining and monitoring a server. 

If you're too busy growing your business and don't want to go through the hassle of maintaining a server then this plan is the right fit for you.

Here's the coupon code and steps that you can follow to get a discount on Hostgator's Dedicated Server plans.

Step-1: Click here and visit Hostgator Dedicated hosting web page.

Step-2: Now apply the below coupon code to get discount on Hostgator's dedicated hosting.

"HostGator Coupon Code For Dedicated Hosting: snappyd2"

HostGator Coupon For Domains

HostGator Coupon For Domains

HostGator Coupon For Domains

Did you know that you can even purchase domains in Hostgator?

Purchasing domains in Hostgator and hosting your website makes it a lot easier in managing your web business. A lot of times people have a different hosting provider and a different domain registrar.

This is alright but when you're handling multiple domains, this becomes a hassle.

Hostgator supports domain registration of various TLD's such as  .com, .in, .net, .biz.etc at competitive prices.

Click here to activate discount for your domain purchase.

Looking to transfer your domain to Hostgator?

Congratulations! You get 1-year extension free for your domain. Transfers take place seamlessly without any risk. In case you have a doubt, Hostgator's support team is there to assist you round the clock, helping you in transferring your domain.

Why transfer your domain?

Transferring domain names to Hostgator will not only get you a 1-year free extension but also allow you to manage all of your domains in one single control panel.

Here's the coupon you can apply to get a discount while buying domains from Hostgator.

How To Activate Hostgator Coupon Code?

Now that you've finally got these amazing discount codes, It's time that you buy a domain and choose your hosting plan according to your needs.

After getting the coupon code, the job becomes easy.

HostGator Coupon Code

How To Activate HostGator Coupon Code?

Here is the list of Hostgator Coupon Codes:

In order to activate the HostGator Coupon code, you just have to choose your hosting plan and before hitting the checkout button, you are going to find a box that will say "Enter a coupon code" or something like that before the price. 

Enter HostGator Coupon Code

This is where you will have to choose the correct coupon code and paste it there and click on apply.


You've got the best deal on your hosting plan!

Few Quick Saving Tips To Follow Before Paying For Hostgator Hosting:

  • check
    Choose the correct hosting plan to avoid paying extra. Choose a plan that is suitable for your needs. (Confused? Read this till the end!
  • If you're in a long-term game, choose the Long-Term Billing Plan from Hostgator so that you get the best deal and more discount.
  • Buying a domain name from Hostgator is an added bonus.
  • check
    Adding SSL or any other added products during the time of checkout ensures the best offer rather than purchasing it individually later.
  • check
    Ensure that you bookmark this page so that you can choose your coupon code whenever you're getting hosting from Hostgator.

Why Should You Go For A Long-Term Billing Plan?

Long-term billing plan offers the best deal for long-term in cheapest of the price. Let's say you've chosen the shared hosting plan. 

Going with the business plan, If you pay long-term for a tenure of 5 years, you're going to save almost 50% of the total amount. This makes the value half and upon applying a coupon code from here, It's a no-brainer that you choose the long-term plan.

You do not want your site to go down just because it wasn't renewed, right?

Hence, It's always recommended to choose the long-term billing plan

Which Hosting Plan Should I Opt For?

Now comes the most important question. Which hosting plan should you opt for? 

We know that If you're starting out, things can get quite overwhelming, seeing so many plans being offered.

You need to find out the traffic coming to your site so that you can opt for the best hosting plan that will suit your needs.

It's easy if you're new and starting out. We'd recommend all the newbies to go with the shared hosting first and understand how the architecture works out.

Shared hosting plans are very affordable and are easy to set up.

However, If you're opening a blog and you're going to use WordPress, then it's recommended that you go with the Managed WordPress hosting as it is optimized for WordPress blogs.

On the contrary, if you know about hosting and just want to test HostGator out, we'd recommend the VPS hosting plan depending on the size of the business and the traffic.

If you're reselling, and want to make a business out of hosting, First, try one of the Basic plans from Hostgator, If that satisfies you, you can start your own reselling business for your customers.

Which HostGator Shared Hosting Plan You Should Choose?

We personally prefer Linux shared hosting as we find Linux to be reliable. It just depends on personal preference. 

However, We'd choose the Business plan in Linux Shared hosting as the cost becomes very cheap if you decide to go long term.

It offers to host unlimited domains and as a cherry on top, you also get unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts.

In short, choose the Business Plan and go with long-term billing option, which is the best value for money, saving you 50% of the total amount.

Is It Worth Paying For Hostgator web hosting?

After going through all this? What do you think? 

A hosting company that is known for its

  • Unparalleled support.
  • Affordable prices.
  • chevron-right
    A plethora of plans to serve every need, etc.

And not to mention the discount codes which drastically cut the price!

It's a no-brainer that you choose Hostgator over other hosting providers.

Risk-Free 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee:

Let's assume, for a minute that you aren't satisfied with all this.

With all the support system that's there 24/7 to solve your queries, all the features you get at the price of a coffee. We're sure that you will be extremely satisfied with your purchase, but let's assume for a second.

If you think, your purchase has gone waste, Hostgator has a Risk-Free 45-day money-back guarantee.

How's that?

You'll get all your money back (complete amount), in case you aren't satisfied with your purchase. This makes it the best deal you can grab.

What Services You Will Get With Hostgator Hosting?

With Hostgator hosting, you're going to get plenty of added services. 

  • 1
    An Intuitive Cpanel.
  • 2
    24x7 Support.
  • 3
    Professional Email Hosting.
  • 4
    One-click softaculous installer.

and If you're choosing a business plan you get services like SSL certificate, Dedicated IP address, local caching. etc.

Pros and Cons Of Hostgator:


  • 24/7 support via call and chat.
  • 45-day money back guarantee.
  • Affordable plans.
  • Good Speed and Uptime.
  • Instant provisioning of servers.
  • Powerful Servers.


  • SSL certificate isn't offered for free even with the basic of plans.
  • Value-added services like CodeGuard, Sitelock doesn't come along with advanced plans too.
  • There are rumours that Hostgator crams in more websites in their "shared hosting" server, thus making your website load slow.
  • To get the true price cut like 50% you have to go really long-term (5 years plan)

1 Month for 1 Cent Plan:

We're sure many of you guys have heard about those cheap hosting providers that offer you plans in dirt cheap prices ( As cheap as in few cents).

These are fairly new hosting providers, wherein you may put all your data and your site in risk if you decide to host with them.

That is why Hostgator is offering a huge discount for you to try them out.

It's offering its first month only for 1 cent.

You read it absolutely right, If you're going to apply this discount code that we're about to share with you then you can get the first month of your HostGator hosting at just $0.01.

Once the first month is over, you can either continue with them or just simply cancel.

Sign up for the “Baby” or “Hatchling” plans using this coupon code and host your site for a month.

Hostgator (History & Company Profile):

Hostgator has its humble beginning on October 22, 2002, in a dorm room in Atlantic University, Florida. 

By February 1, 2003, Hostgator acquired it's first 100 customers and eventually growing to 1000 a year later.

It slowly kept on expanding and by 2009, Hostgator had around 200,000  active customers hosting their websites with them.

On June 21, 2012, Hostgator gets acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group.)

Yes, It's the same group that owns Bluehost, BigRock.etc

They now have servers and offices across the world, spanning from Toronto to Houston and Brazil. They eventually expanded even to developing countries like India, where they have offices in multiple tier 3 cities.

HostGator Awards:

As a company with a history of over a decade, Hostgator has won many awards with respect to the hosting service they provide to their customers.

Awards List:

As a company with a history of over a decade, Hostgator has won many awards with respect to the hosting service they provide to their customers.

The reputed online magazine, PCMag has voted Hostgator to be the best hosting provider of 2016, Best Shared Web Hosting of 2016, Best Dedicated Web Hosting of 2016.

WPBeginner has rated Hostgator 5 stars when it comes to hosting. has rated Hostgator 5 stars when it comes to reliability.

#1 Budget Hosting By WebHostDirectory.

#1 Reseller Hosting By WebHostDirectory.

HostCritque Best Reseller Host Award.

Best Web Host Award By ReviewHut.

FindMyHost Editors Choice Award.

21st Fastest Growing Private Company.

Frequently Asked Q & A:

Q. When will my website go live?

Ans. DNS records usually take some time to change. It should be resolved within 48 hours or sooner.

Q. How do I install WordPress, Drupal or any other scripts?

Ans. It's simple, just log on to CPanel and use the softaculous installer to install any script you want.

Q. Whom do I contact In case I'm stuck while setting up?

Ans. Just contact the support and they will help you by setting up your site.

Tip: You can also contact them on Twitter and Facebook.

Headquarter Of HostGator:

Headquarter of Hostgator is located at 5005 Mitchelldate St #100, Houston, TX 77092, USA.

Click here to see headquarter of HostGator on Google maps.

Final Words For HostGator Coupon

So, now that you know everything about Hostgator, provided with the hostgator coupons and discounts, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, make your mark on the internet before the offers run out!