HostGator Dedicated Hosting Coupon Code & Discount [50% OFF] 2019

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Coupon Code:

Dedicated Server is the best option if you are one of those Professional Guys who doesn't want to share his server with anyone else. Then, Dedicated Hosting server is the solution for you. Dedicated Hosting server is the Private solution for those professionals who want to work anonymously and even faster than before. Dedicated Servers can be also used for reselling purposes Like You can sell the space on your server to anyone but its totally depend upon the server size and specifications you have opted while purchasing one.

One of the Leading hosting Provider named Hostgator is offering such plans that will be suitable for your Business and Blogging needs. Hostgator is Developed by Brent Oxley in his college days. Hostgator is one of the fastest growing companies that has been listed in #239 in Fastest Growing company magazine in 2009.

Here we are talking about the Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Server Plan, Hostgator is offering the variety of services in its Dedicated Hosting Plan along with the Discount coupon. In Today's Era, It's almost difficult to find the Best web hosting provider in 2019 and especially if we are going to spend some huge on dedicated servers. Therefore, "we can trust Hostgator" as it's one of the old web hosting provider company since 2008.

Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Server:

Hostgator Dedicated hosting is all in one solution for the Big IT Companies, Who want to manage the servers on their own and even It's beneficial for the Bloggers who are getting a large amount of traffic on their websites. Therefore, the Dedicated server is the solution for them as It's having the ability to handle a large amount of traffic because the dedicated server you purchase will be yours and you are allowed to share your server with anyone else, not the Hosting Team. Let's come into the main Part.

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HostGator Dedicated Hosting Coupon Code

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Coupon Code

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Type of Hostgator Dedicated Servers:

Hostgator Dedicated servers are of two types Linux and the Windows Servers. The main difference between both of the servers is Linux servers allow you to easily access and alter code while it is much more difficult to do so with Windows servers. Another difference that generally favours Windows is the fact that Linux customer support is online community based while Windows has a dedicated team of support staff for assistance.

  • Linux
  • Windows

Linux Server Features:

  • Linux Server comes with CentOS and with full root access (64-bit with 32-bit available on request)
  • You will be provided with a Cpanel with WHM Access.
  • Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg Support.
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    Secured Server with IPTables Firewall.

Windows Server Features:

  • Windows OS (64-bit with 32-bit available on request).
  • Cpanel and WHM access.
  • Windows Web Server.
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    Dedicated Customer Support.
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Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Plans:

There are 4 Types of plans which are available under Hostgator dedicated hosting plans. That suits every individual's needs. All of the Four plans are the same for Windows and the Linux Servers.


  • Basic.
  • Standard.
  • Elite.
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The Basic plan has a recurring price of $174/month, the Standard plan is $219/month, the Elite plan is $279/month, and the Pro plan is $374/month. You can even get the more discount with Hostgator dedicated server coupon or You can opt for 24 or 36 Months billing for getting further discounts.

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Free With Each Hosting Plan:

  • Create Sitebuilder Account for your Customers.
  • Free Reseller Club Domain Reseller Account.
  • Dedicated Servers receive up to 100 free transfers within 30 days of account activation.
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    Provide Customers with 4,500 Website Templates.

Specifications for HostGator Dedicated Servers:

It's important for every individual or company to have a look at the specifications of any dedicated server and choose according to their need. If We talk about Hostgator dedicated hosting Server specifications then each plan of dedicated hosting include Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3Ghx Processor.

The Basic Plan of Hostgator Dedicated Hosting is having only four threads and other ones are having up to 8 Threads. Basic Plan of Dedicated Server comes with Intel Xeon Dual-core 2.3 GHz Processor, 4 Threads, 100 MBPS Uplink, 4GB of Dedicated Ram, 10 TB of Bandwidth and two Dedicated IPS.

The Standard plan of Hostgator Dedicated comes with Intel Xeon Dual-core 2.3 GHz Processor, 8 Threads, 250 Mbps Uplink, 4GB of RAM, 1,000GB RAID-1 Drives, 15TB bandwidth, and three dedicated IPs. For the Elite plan, you receive 500 Mbps Uplink, 8GB of RAM, 1,000GB RAID-1 Drives, 20TB of bandwidth, and four dedicated IPs.

If You are looking for the Most advanced package for your company then the PRO Package is for you. The Pro Plan of Hostgator Dedicated hosting will provide you with 1 Gbps Uplink, 16GB of RAM, 1,000GB RAID-1 Drives, 25TB of bandwidth, and five dedicated IPs. You should be aware that the Windows servers are also WebMatrix ready.

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Tools Included With Hostgator Dedicated Server:

WHMCS and cPanel that comes with every plan of Hostgator dedicated hosting. WHMCS is web hosting automation platform that allows handling everything related to billings, customers information (That makes the most of the tasks easier). Where cPanel allows you and your users to handle their server information like mapping domains and installing the Tools Example WordPress. Even, They can manage the errors and files on the web server.

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Network Does HostGator Dedicated Server is Having:

If You want to go for the Fully secured network then the Hostgator dedicated server is the solution for you.  Their network features multiple layers of security and is fully redundant with no single point of failure. They are having a highly optimized and friendly data centres in Houston and Provo.

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Infrastructure Equipment Includes High-Performance Gear From:

  • Arista Networks.
  • Arbor Networks.
  • Brocade.
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The Verdict: HostGator Dedicated Hosting

Choosing the Dedicated web hosting provider is one of the Toughest tasks. Especially, If You are going to spend some huge amount of money on purchasing the hosting need for you and your company. The Hostgator is in the Game since 2008. So, At least we can have a trust in them and currently, They are the only ones who are Providing the Dedicated servers in Lesser Prices. Furthermore, You can even get more discount prior coupon availability. Keep visiting hostgator coupon website and get daily updates about massive discount offers.

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